Go travel.

Discovering new places is an adventure in itself.

Walking down street alleys, tasting exotic food and soaking in a completely different culture – the very act of exploration allows us to take in something new and find out what other corners of this world are like. Sometimes, the cultural differences shock us, and at times we realise that we are not so different after all. Ah, the joys of discovery. But we have only so much time for such a vast world.

So, over coffee one afternoon, an idea hit me.

Well, to begin with, people love to tell one another about their travel experience – the good, the bad and the amusing bits. What if like-minded travellers could come together to share their personal travel anecdotes with each other? The big idea is that, due to differences in our background, we are likely to have different perspectives on the same travel destination – it would be fun to read each other’s travel account:)

Thus, the idea of an online travel journal was born – each story is different and I think we can all benefit from each other’s experience.

With a bunch of friends, we’ve put together our travel itineraries and travel memoirs in this blog. We hope that you’ll enjoy reading our little collection of travel stories and may it inspire you to pack your bags and step into the “wild” outside.

Enjoy reading!

Daniel & friends

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