Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang, China

Elevation: 5,596 metres
Trivia #1: The 13 peaks represented the 13 swords according to local legend
Trivia #2: It was the place where young lovers sacrificed their lives (in honour of their love) to escape arranged marriages, making it one of the reasons why it is considered a sacred place
Trivia #3: Its highest peak, Shanzidou, was only climbed once

There. You’ve just seen it – Lijiang Impressions, a massive musical depicting the story of its local peoples (Naxi, Yi and Bai minorities) using the snow-capped mountain as its backdrop.


I’ll show it again:



Directed by China’s world famous movie director, Zhang Yimou, Impression Lijiang is performed at the world’s highest stage at 3,100 metres above sea level with the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as its back drop.


With more than 500 amateur actors and actresses involved in this production, the musical presents an excellent cultural showcase of its local ethnic people with its elaborate display of ethnic costumes, songs and dance and traditional rituals.

Impression Lijiang is divided into two chapters: Impression Snow Mountain and Impression Ancient City.

Riders and warriors:


Ancient rituals, agricultural way of life and drummers:


All in all, it was an eye-opener for us. Though we did not fully capture the storyline, we felt awed by the sheer scale of the production, its massive coordination and energy poured into it. Tickets at 190 CNY per person.

Next, we visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Great scenic views, hiking and yes, snow fights in summer (we visited in May)!


I learnt that even during summer, you can still experience snow-capped mountains. There are also ski resorts for those who are interested to do some snow sports while in the vicinity.



Getting there:
You can rent a van at Lijiang Old Town for about 150 CNY for a round trip or 15 CNY for a bus. For convenience, we took up a day trip package and simply joined in the rest of the tour group as everything was pre-arranged for us.

Travel Story Contributor:
Daniel Chen


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